Anup Mukherjee

   I live at a place where the river flows and the land encircles, and the roads embed themselves like sinews. Seriously, I love to read, write and travel. I blog at  with specific focus on books and literary / creative works and also self-help and motivation. I vlog at HueLike Vlog I love to write a good story.   Particularly, I love to write stories that have speculative / fantasy elements in it. Also, I happily read fiction of different genres.  My qualifications include an MA in History, and an MBA in Finance and Marketing (dual specialization). I have worked in the fields of taxation, accounts and legal compliance. Social Handles: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram :  AnupOnTheNet Youtube : HueLike Vlog I’m also a mentee of the SFWA Career Mentorship Program (Dec 2019 – March 2020) which is a three month industry-awareness program, “providing community, sharing knowledge, and offering networking opportunities… focused on professional development rather than artistic de

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